June 23, 2024

Seinde Signature Boss Rolls Out 450 Niche Perfumes in Honor of 62nd Birthday

Mr. Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola, the famous specialist in niche fragrances and founder of Seinde Signature Salon de Parfum, has announced plans to give away over 450 bottles of high-end perfumes worth over 100 million naira to celebrate his 62nd birthday on May 8.

The year-long festival, which began on May 8, 2024, aims to raise awareness of artistic/artisanal perfumes, also known as niche perfumes, which are widely considered the best in the market.
According to Mr. Olaseinde, this generous act is available to everybody, with at least one bottle of perfume handed free each day for the following 365 days. The goal, he adds, is to share his love of niche scents with as many people as possible, hence the hashtag #Seinde365.

Mr. Olusola is well-known for his extraordinary perfume collection, which numbers over 1,320 bottles. Through his company, Seinde Signature, he hopes to revolutionise Nigeria’s perfume business by providing exceptional inventions and niche perfumes that stand apart from traditional designer fragrances.

Seinde Signature is now the only Nigerian merchant offering over 45 strictly niche fragrances from around the world. Individuals who approach Mr. Olusola and ask, ‘Where’s my niche perfume?’ will receive a complimentary bottle of niche perfume.

Throughout the 365-day celebration period. This is a fantastic opportunity to sample the luxury and excellence of niche perfumes while also celebrating Mr. Olusola’s 62nd birthday.

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