June 23, 2024

How To Choose A Watch for that Stunning Outfit Match

When chosen and worn correctly, a watch can make a fashion statement. With hundreds of timepieces on the market, it may be difficult to choose the appropriate pair for you. While a watch serves as a timepiece to help you keep track of time, it can also make a stylish statement if used correctly. In this tutorial, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about utilising watches.

Choose Your Watch Style

You don’t pick a watch because others are buying the model. We have many types of watches that would catch your attention both online and offline.  Most watch enthusiasts buy watches for many reasons, including the expansion of their watch collections.

However, you cannot wear a watch for every outfit. For instance, we have dive watches, sports watches, luxury watches, dress watches, casual watches, and more. Each of these watches serves their purposes.  Therefore, you should pick watches that  blends with your fashion sense and outfits.

Pick an Appropriate Watch Size

We have customized watches for men and women, while others come as unisex. You don’t have to use the men’s watch for your outfit if it cannot complement your outfit.  Since the size of these watches vary, you should pick the right watch size.

Meanwhile, your watch face should match the wrist size and mind the watch you use for certain situations. Not all watches can suit your outfit and events.

Match the Materials

Before you purchase your watch, ensure that its components can match some of your outfits.  For instance, leather watch bands can pair well when you have other leather items.   In addition, watch straps and metallic watches should match the tie clip or cufflinks you wear. If you have different textures or colours of metals, they clash with your outfit.

How to Wear a Watch

Do you know how to wear a watch? Maybe, the question might sound awkward because everyone knows how to wear their watches. However, it might be as simple as strapping your watch to the wrist.

If you must make a fashion statement, it goes beyond wearing a watch but using the right watch in an appropriate way. Here is what to do if you want to look stylish and comfortable with a watch:

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

Do you know that the place you position your watch matters? The conventional rule is to wear your watch on the non-dominant hand. When you do this, it becomes less likely to get damaged or distract what you do.

People who use the left hand for most of their work should make use of their right wrist for their watches.  In addition, when you use the non-dominant hand, it becomes easier to wind the watch or operate the chronograph.

In other words, most people wear their watches on their left, while left-handed people use the right.  However, when you wear your watch on the dominant hand, it feels better.

Position Your Watch Above the Wrist Bone

You should wear your watch above the wrist or the ulna. Many people who use watches leave the face on top of their wrists.  We recommend you wear the watch above to ensure that it does not slightly peek out from long sleeves.  In addition, if you wear the watch face on the inside side of your wrist, it might protect the scratch-prone watch’s face.

Adjust the Watch Strap

You have to learn how to adjust your watch strap. Some watches have buckles similar to belts, while you can find others with hinged metal fasteners.  When you want to buy a watch, you should consider the straps that must be tight against the arm. In addition, you should consider using a watch strap that works well for you.

Do you want to make a bold statement with a wristwatch? You should begin by buying a good watch. We recommend that you invest in a good watch that can complement some of your outfits.

With these tips we have highlighted, it would be easier for you to pick and wear a watch. Remember, you don’t have to buy the most expensive watch to look good. We have many replicas that can do the magic for you.

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