Air France /KLM Celebrate Customers with an Old School Gig


It was an amazing night of fun and fine dining for staff and customers of Air France/ KLM when the company held its loyal customers to an old school gig, penultimate Thursday. The Customer Appreciation Dinner held at the Oriental Hotel, Terrace Sky Gardens was reminiscent of the 60s and 80s, as guests adhered to the Old school dress code for the night, with music of the 60s and 80s bringing back memories of yester years.  While delivering his speech  Commercial Director Nigeria and Ghana, Air France KLM, Arthur Dieffenthaler said they were looking back at 2016 and celebrating business relationships with their customers. “It has been a challenging year but more than ever, it has been a year we connected with many customers. We are celebrating the past and also looking forward to building tighter relationships.”
He noted that for Airfrace/KLM it has been a very exciting year because they changed quite a lot of things. “We celebrated together with the premiere of a movie in a plane, which has never happened before. So, we showed to the rest of the world that irrespective of what happened, Nigeria together with Air France and KLM has been able to do remarkable things.”
On the Old School theme, jean-Raoul Tauzin, General Manager Air France/ KLM said everyone agreed that the most outspoken decade in terms of outfit was 1970s. “I am happy at the number of people that turned out in their Old School the outfit.”
Tauzin said the Airline is one of the oldest airlines continuously flying into Nigeria and the key point is for them to serve customers in the best ways possible.

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