May 27, 2024

GTCO FOOD AND DRINK 2024 KICKS OFF …. Excite Children with Baking Class

The GTCO Food and Drink Festival 2024 has commenced, providing immense enjoyment for all attendees. The festival, taking place at the GTCentre Oniru, Victoria Island in Lagos, stands as a three-day celebration of Nigeria’s vibrant culinary culture.

As is customary for Africa’s most esteemed culinary event, the day was brimming with cooking demonstrations, tastings of exquisite dishes, and live music performances. The combination of these elements fostered an animated and joyful environment, appealing to food lovers and music enthusiasts alike.

The festival showcased a diverse array of local and international cuisine, satisfying a wide range of palates. From classic Nigerian staples like jollof rice and pounded yam to international delicacies like sushi and pasta, there was an abundance of options to delight every taste. Additionally, festival-goers indulged in a selection of mouthwatering street food, such as suya, grilled fish, barbecue, bole and fish, and cowleg treats.

A significant highlight of the first day was the Kids Baking Masterclass led by celebrated chef Uche Annie Uzoka. This activity proved to be particularly popular among younger attendees, who were coached in the fundamentals of baking, from mixing ingredients to adorning their creations. Chef Ugoka kindly offered guidance and assistance, ensuring each child left the masterclass with a newfound appreciation for baking.

With the second and third days still to unfold, there is no denying that this festival remains a premier event in Africa’s food and drink scene.

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