June 23, 2024

Ways To Wear Isiagu Stylishly For the Men

Whether you are from Nigeria or South Africa, there is one fabric that will surely make you look awesome as a man. People from around the world have been dressed in isi-agu and the appearance is mind-blowing.

Once upon a time, Isi-agu was considered a royal attire and was used to measure wealth. However, today, anyone can lay hands on this expensive fabric that has many colours and designs.

You may not be an ibo man to dole this beautiful fabric. There is no part of the world that you wear it that you are not going to the center of attention. You can wear it with wrapper or trousers.  A ceremonial hat can be used to complete the attire.

There are cheaper fabrics of the original isi-agu you can use in creating any type of design you want. At the end of the day, the outcome is the same except that the quality of the fabric.

Religious activities, weddings, special events and reunions can be spiced with Isi-agu. Looking good is your business and appreciating you is everyone’s business. It does not matter if they like you or not, your Isi-agu can make a whole lot of fashion sense.

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