June 23, 2024

Greatest African Fashion Designers You Can Wear Their BRANDS

There is hardly a place where you will not see African fabrics.  Africans proudly display the works of thousands of creative designers in the continent, and when they are seen outside the shores of Africa, some of them still wear these clothes.  We have seen African models walk on runaway around the world, thanks to these fashion designers who are skilled and powerfully endowed to create stunning masterpiece when it comes to clothes.

We have listed some of these great fashion designers who have commanded respect around the world with their creations.  There is hardly any type of African fabric that is not used to make good  attire for people by these designers.

Modupe Omonze

Modupe Omonze is a Nigerian designer, who has been positively influenced by her love for travel. She has become a culture fusion genius, who understands how to translate history to realities with her fashion sense. She has what is called Afroarabia fusions that is heavily influenced by the Arabian  style. Every year, she hosts Runway Dubai catwalk events.

Hana Himmi

Hana Himmi is a Holland born Morocaan who draws her inspiration from Morocco. She is so creative that she mixes Holland and Morocco’s heritage to present attires that are unique and stunning. She infuses love and passion in every piece she creates.

 Ellisha Boie

Ellisha Boie is an extraordinary Ghanaian fashion designer who has spent years bringing out some of the loveliest clothes in Africa. Talk of the traditional Ghanaian fabric, Kente that is designed to be a wedding gown or the African fabrics that are made to be sport jerseys, they are the works of Boie. Boie has found a way of bring fashion to sports lovers especially fans of football together.

Laz Yani

South Africa has one of the best designers like  Laz Yani, who won the 2013 South Africa Fashion Week Renault New Talent Search.  Yani has designed some of the finest clothes you may see in Africa. The competition may be keen in the fashion industry, but Yani is in totally control of his creativity.

Solome Katongole

Solome Katongole is from Uganda, whose classic creativity is more than you can ever imagine. It doesn’t matter what she may have studied in the university, Katongole knows what it means to customize the clothing of women. In Katongole’s mind, every woman is special and when they put on customized clothes, they look prettier.

There are many other great fashion designers in Africa that have taken the stage. Coming to Africa offers you opportunities of meeting with gifted fashion designers who can help you with African fabrics. Some of these fashion designers may not be staging runways but they are good at what they do. Even if you don’t know how to search for these fashion designers, a little inquiry will throw them at your service.

Did we miss your favourite fashion designer? If we did you can add to the list by commenting below. We would love to hear from you on who you think is your favourite fashion designer.

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