June 23, 2024

6 Ways to Appear Stylish without Money

How do you look stylish when you have no money? We live in a world where appearance is everything, especially in Africa. For many of us, we want to stay stylish. However, what happens when we have no money to sustain such a lifestyle? Most African women are facing that dilemma because of the cost of some fashion items.

Do not let your heart be troubled if you are in this situation. We have listed some simple things you can do and appear stylish without spending money.

Here are what you can do to stay stylishly always:

Shop your own wardrobe 

Many people do not know how to shop for their wardrobe. With the number of items in our wardrobe, you can re-invent what you want to wear. 

Bring out your clothes and play with them. You can combine these outfits to put them to use again.

Some of the clothes in our wardrobes can change the game for us when it comes to looking good. Start your dress in your room with your favourite music playing to feel comfortable. Bring out your favourite items and combine them with other outfits. You would be surprised with how you would look from clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

Refurbish items 

You can refurbish some of your old items. You can make minor alterations to some of your old items. You can add a few silver beads or pearls to your T-shirt, especially around the neckline. You can take some of your clothes to your tailor for adjustments. In some rare cases, you may even cut the cloth out completely and take to your tailor to sew another style for you.

You can save money by refurbishing those clothes that you dumped for no reason. Fix some of the clothes that can be adjusted and wear them differently.

Visit Pinterest/Instagram

Transform your outfit by visiting Pinterest or Instagram for style inspiration. When you get inspiration on how to wear different outfits, it helps you dress better. The easiest way to get inspiration from what you wear is to check what others are wearing.

Sometimes, those old clothes we have forgotten in the wardrobe suddenly becomes important when we see how others are rocking them.


You should go through your fashion accessories and bring out the ones you do not always use. You should play with your earrings or necklaces and see how they can fit better. That your scarf can change your appearance if you find better ways to use it.

 Shop Online

Shopping online can be the perfect thing to do if you want to look unique. Online offers you the opportunity to pick the right outfits. You can see many versions of similar clothes, and it leaves you with the choice of collecting the right attire. The good news is shopping online gives access to a wide array of online stores from where quality materials can be bought at affordable prices.

Take a Second Judgment

You should talk to people about what looks good on you. When you get a second opinion about how to dress, things can get better for you in terms of dressing. It is easier to dress better when you have people who give you their opinion about your dressing.

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