June 23, 2024

Trish O Couture Dazzles with VIVID HUES

Prolific designer Trish O’ is making a huge statement with her new collection tagged VIVID HUES.
For the Creative Director and CEO of the eponymous fashion brand, Trish Onumonu, simply known as Trish O, the vision behind this colourful haven is to celebrate women’s confidence and beauty.

For a brand that embodies chic sophistication, classic innovation, and style, Trish O Couture (TOC) believes that VIVID HUES has the ability to ignite a woman’s spirit and amplify her self-assurance.
“We meticulously handpicked fabrics that embody the essence of joy and positivity. Silks in hues of magenta, sapphire, and emerald to adorn our TOC women,” says Trish.
Every dress crafted is infused with love and admiration for the women who would wear them. Each stitch carried the message that confidence and beauty are not mere words, but tangible qualities that deserved to be celebrated.

Trish O Couture embraces real women, celebrating their unique curves and quirks. Every stitch exuded empowerment and self-love. Each outfit is a statement, a testament to the beauty of authenticity.

The collections are bold and luxurious and at the same time very feminine and have an ethereal quality about them which makes her a designer of choice for many celebrities.


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