May 27, 2024

‘People see influencers as jobless human beings’ – BBNaija Anto Lecky

Munirat Antoinette Lecky, a Big Brother Naija reality star and actress, believes that many people have a negative attitude towards social media influencers.

She remarked that the common perception of influencers is that they are “jobless human beings.”

Anto Lecky spoke on ADBN TV to respond to artist Wizkid’s recent social media outburst, in which he referred to renowned music executive Don Jazzy as an ordinary ‘influencer’.

She stated, “I don’t know the crux of the matter, but from what I read in the press, I do assume that him [Wizkid] utilising the work influencer was supposed to be perceived negatively.

“I do think that what was his point… You know, a lot of people see influencers as jobless human beings. Many people feel like, ‘This one, the degree she carries she couldn’t get work and now she’s dancing on Instagram.’ That’s just what most people see as an influencer.

“That is why you often now see people trying to tag themselves as a specific type of influencer; a lifestyle influencer, a fashion influencer because the word influencer now just feel like ‘this one no get work.’

“This is why you now have to profile it. For instance, I usually call myself a social influencer; someone who is in the social space, not really just social media because I also do a lot of work in the grassroots. So, if I need to be called an influencer, I would like to be called a social advocacy influencer. I added that one because I do know that often time influencer feels as someone who just doesn’t have anything really going for them.”

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