May 21, 2024

Modesty Signature’s Collection at the AFWN Runway

There’s something so gracious and regal about modest fashion, it lets you express yourself the right way without showing off some skin, especially in this age and time where the skin is everywhere. There are no rules for dressing modestly, whether you’re doing so for religious reasons or you simply want to stay comfortable the fashionable way. Regardless of your reasons, modest fashion is exactly the appeal you should be going for now, and it’s here to stay.

When it comes to how to dress modestly, Hashanah Salami, Chief Executive of Modesty Signatures noted that modest fashion doesn’t have to be boring; “it’s an opportunity to determine what makes you feel comfortable while expressing your personality. It helps draw attention to your inner personality and not to the way you dress.”

For the petroleum engineer who delved into fashion to encourage people to dress modestly, modest fashion is all about grace, confidence, and above all, comfort. Her recent collection at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2022, consisted of elegant free-flowing dresses, some with collared necks, v-necks, high necklines, and turtlenecks, made from lush fabrics, damask, silk, adire all projected the modesty culture. There were chic tailored pants with tops, and jumpsuits with statement sleeves, made from exclusive printed fabrics. The inspiration she says is to provide trendy, classy clothes which would serve as a sign of strength and dignity for today’s woman, irrespective of her religion.

Loose, long, ankle-length items are the next LBD. Reserved, chic, and stylishly low-key, modest fashion can be worn basically anytime, anywhere.

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