Elizabeth Isiorho Returns With Future Face Africa


Elizabeth Isiorho, Founder of Beth Model Management Africa, with more than 50 models placed with top international agencies from around the world, is yet again; set to make aspiring models’ dreams come true, with the launch of her latest project ‘Future Face Africa’ model contest. Future Face Africa which would be Africa’s largest model search will focus on emerging female and male talents, attracting thousands of applicants from Africa to compete in the competition.

According to Isiorho, who is also the organizer of the Elite Model Look Nigeria contest, this new project is a celebration of Africa and African models.  “It is a contest for aspiring models from all African countries. We will scout for models from across the African continent, beginning from this weekend.”

Selected models will compete for a chance to win a 2-year international modeling contract with a Top International Modeling agency, as well as a $5,000 (five thousand dollars) cash reward, providing aspirants with not just a start in modeling but also a career on the global stage.

She tells us more.

Elizabeth Isiorho2
Elizabeth Isiorho

What is the difference between Elite Model Look and Future face Africa?

The difference with the elite model look was that we were working with one agency, but Future face Africa is working with about thirty agencies around the world.

Is it a winner takes it all competition?

No not for one person, I can have twenty models and an agency decides to take 15 they will be taken.

They will be signed to Beth and we are hoping that we will get them signed to international agencies.

Why do the names change?

I worked with Elite Model look for thirteen years and then last year, COVID happened and everyone had to rebrand, but I have always wanted to do this for years, so for me, it is a good opportunity and an opportunity to expand what I really wanted to do which is working and signing models with bigger and more agencies as well as scouting more around the world. Before now I was limited to Nigeria or West Africa, but now I can go all around Africa for models. The good thing, however, is I still work with Elite, they are still my partners.

What to expect with Future Face Africa?

This time an amazing show, amazing models from all over the world, it all about celebrating Africa and Africa models, putting them on the map. We believe this is a good opportunity especially now that Africa is recognized all over the world especially in fashion. . The show will be amazing, we are going to about 10 countries back to back to look for the boys and girls.

What do you look out for in aspiring models?

The height is very important, facial structure and also personality because we do not want a girl that is dull or can’t express herself properly, same for the boys as well.

So it doesn’t matter the part of Africa they are from?

No, it doesn’t

How would you describe the modeling industry in Nigeria now, even in the face of covid?

The industry now is changing, thanks to all the fashion shows, things are different now and I can say we are actually on the right track, though with COVID a lot of things are on hold, I am sure from next year things will pick up.

Vision for FFA?

My dream is to be the biggest in the world, not just in Africa, to be recognized everywhere. Our aim is to change lives and be bigger than where we were before. African models and African fashion have seen rapid growth in popularity and acceptance throughout the world over the last decade. However, there is still a lot of untapped potentials to be explored and Future Face Africa is set to provide the desired platform for the models to excel.

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