5 Rules For Wearing A Fedora


By Linda Orajekwe

Most men want to be gentlemanly but still remain stylish; and if there is one fashion item that can help achieve that, it will be the timeless fedora hat, which will make you look edgy and classy. Good news is, your Fedora hat doesn’t have to be 100% beaver fur or expensive, for you to feel stylish in it.

Follow these 5 rules and bring on your swag.

  1. Make sure the cap fits

One thing about the fedora hat is that it might look good on the display but it might not look good on your head. Just the way a short man should not wear a long double breasted jacket, you have to choose your hat considering the shape of your head. If your head is long and thin, stay away from a fedora with a tall crown; unless you’re trying to look like an alien. If you have a round or wide head, getting something with really wide brim will make you look like a vampire hunter. So stay away! But if you have a smaller head size, consider getting a pork-pie hat. This type of fedora has a smaller brim, that way it fits your face better.


  1. Choose a Fedora that matches your style

We all have our unique styles and wearing a fedora that speaks the language of your style is as important as choosing the perfect belt and shoes for your pants. If you are more of a traditionalist, consider getting a classic fedora which is generally made of wool and will make you look like the gangsters in old movies.


  1. Wear your fedora on a dressy occasion

This rule is for those guys who wear their one and only black fedora on almost everything they own. Don’t.  A fedora is worn to stand out and once you do it every time,  you’re no longer standing out rather, it will become the look you’re known for, which is liable to get stale as fast you started it.  Since a fedora has been associated with suit in our mind, that form of look has made it a special stylish look only classic men who aim to dare can pull off. You certainly wouldn’t want to be like the lady wearing a beautiful dress on a Jean because it’s her favorite Jean, right? So don’t wear your fedora on everything, everytime!

  1. Your shirt must have a collar

A Fedora should be worn with jackets and collared shirts, but if you’re planning on wearing a fedora with a non-collared top, then, top it off with a killer blazer to help you look sharp, classic and smart.


  1. Rock it with confidence

Sometimes, you have to throw caution to the wind and just aim to slay. Yes. Your Fedora needs you to be confident in it, so worry less about who might look at you strangely for choosing a style they’re not willing to try and just wear it.

6) Wear at an angle

Put it on your head and find a perfect angle for it. As long as it is not sitting even on your head, then you are rocking it just fine.

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