July 19, 2024

UK AFRICA TRADE EXPO – Beyond Fashion… To kick off AFWL 2023

Kicking off the Africa Fashion Week London, AFWL on Friday 27th October is the UK AFRICA TRADE EXPO powered by Africa Fashion Week London!

Billed to be held at the Prestigious Institute of Directors IoD London, this event is an inaugural exhibition and networking event that aims to capitalize on the UK’s position as a global trade & investment hub for sector development and supply chain collaboration between the United Kingdom and Africa.

UK AFRICA TRADE EXPO is also aimed at promoting connectivity and innovation within the Commonwealth. Its theme “Bringing Culture and Commerce Together for Sustainable Development” emphasizes the significance of cultural exchange in creating opportunities for economic growth.

According to Olori Ronke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi Founder of Africa Fashion Week London, Nigeria, and Brazil, the objective is to encourage sustainable practices by promoting environmentally responsible products and services.

It will include insightful panel discussions and influential speakers aimed at’ creatives, start-ups, and small businesses providing entrepreneurs with networking, business support, partnership opportunities, and buyer-seller meetings.

Specialized Speakers will cover the following topics:
Exploring the influence of Music, Entertainment, and Tourism on the Fashion industry.
Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technologies that are innovative and environmentally responsible.
Sustainability in the Fashion Industry and Innovative Solutions.
Analysing Cluster Development, Value Chains, and Sector Expansion in Agro-Food Processing, Logistics, Cotton, Shea nuts, and Packaging.
Unveiling the significance of Hair and Makeup in Fostering Fashion Creativity.
Navigating African Fashion’s connectivity and innovation.
Harnessing the Potential of the Diaspora Dividend for Maximum Impact.
Strengthening UK – Africa Economics Ties, Investment and Trade Relations.
Exploring Investing Opportunities in Africa for Development and Infrastructure Funding.

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