July 18, 2024

Steps on how to put stones on Ankara

Today, many women prefer outfits that are decorated with beads, shiny stones, and gems. Not only does this change the appearance of the outfit, but it also makes the dress look more expensive, chic and highlights the patterns of the dress. If you want, you can turn any of your Ankara clothes into a more luxurious and trendy outfit with just the right matching stones. Here are few ways you can perfectly put stones on your Ankara dress even as a first-timer:

Iron gluing:

 One of the most popular and easy ways you can put stones on Ankara fabrics is by iron gluing. To make their work of putting stones in fabrics easier, many manufacturers of rhinestones produce these stones with an adhesive layer that requires a certain amount of heat to stick to the surface of the fabric. Fake gems can stick reliably to your Ankara fabric because of the nature of its material made from cotton. It is essential to fix the gemstones firmly on the fabric because if they are not fixed properly, they may fall off while washing.

Stages of Iron-gluing of rhinestones to fabrics 

When iron-gluing stones to Ankara material, there are several important stages:

I.) Preparation of the fabric:

Before fixing the stones on the fabric, you need to prepare both the clothes and the stones. Detergents can dissolve all bodily oils, which can soak fibers of your fabric and prepare the surface for the glue so ensure you carefully wash the fabric if it is not new and has been worn already. Using adhesive tape, you can also remove all dust particles and hairs from the surface of the fabric. To do this, you simply press the adhesive side gently to the surface of the fabric. 

II.) Creating pattern:

In case you want to create a pattern like a crown or heart shape using the rhinestones, first prepare the outline on the fabric. You can use special tailoring chalk for this purpose. 

 However, if you wish to highlight already existing details on the fabric, then you won’t need to mark out any outlines. Simply place the stones where you want to have them. 

III.) Padding your fabric:

Because of the thin nature of the Ankara fabric, the adhesive substance in the rhinestone can easily soak your fabric when hot and spoil it. However, to avoid that ugly situation, you can simply insert a piece of paper under your fabric so that layers of the fabric do not stick together. Always remember to place the paper directly under the Ankara fabric before you start to fix the rhinestones. 


Gluing of the stones 

After placing the paper under your fabric, carefully cover your pattern with another piece of paper and turn on the iron. Be careful to stick within the temperature range for cotton materials so that you don’t end up burning your fabric. Slowly press the iron onto the parts where you placed the rhinestones. Continue pressing over the stones but be careful so that you do not break the rhinestones. As a rule, hold the iron in one point for about 20-30 seconds. This is enough time for the glue to begin to melt and stick firmly to the surface of your fabric. 

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