July 18, 2024

ID Cabasa reveals why he stopped being religious

Veteran Nigerian record producer, Olumide Ogunade, popularly called ID Cabasa, has opened up about a “discovery” that made him change his approach to religion as a Christian.

Cabasa said he used to be “a very religious Christian” until he discovered that he had to separate when God is speaking and when a man is speaking in the name of God in the Bible he reads.

The veteran producer spoke in a recent interview with Echo Room.

He said, “When you are reading the Bible, pay attention to the Jewish culture and pay attention to what God is saying. They are two different things.

“I used to be a very religious Christian until when I was about leaving the university and I discovered that even the Bible that I am reading, I need to pay attention to when it is God that’s speaking and when it’s man that’s speaking in the name of God.”

Cabasa also shared his opinion on feminism and transgenderism.

“Where feminism started from is not where we are now, the meaning has changed. It was meant to fight for the rights [of women] but now it has gotten to the point that you see men behaving like women,” he said.

“This thing [transgenderism] is against humanity. It’s meant to stop you from reproducing.”

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