July 18, 2024

8 African Style Tips You Should Know

The ability to dress stylish and chic daily is a skill. While it might look easy to accomplish, the implementation is not easy.  Luckily, we have some great style tips for you. These tips are simple. They would help you revolutionize your dressing as a woman.

Whether you want to go for a date, office, or Sunday brunch, you got yourself armed with style tips that would make you stand out.

You Should Organize Your Closet

We cannot overemphasize the need to organize and edit your closet.  Before you can pick your outfits easily, your closet should be friendly to the eyes. The first thing you need to do is to declutter your closet. Take out the clothing you do not need and leave the relevant ones. You should invest in good shoe racks and make your wardrobe look organized.

Make Use of a Tailor

You cannot ignore the works of tailors when it comes to looking good. We have great tailors in your city, including your neighbourhood. Look for a good tailor who can help you save money on outfits. When you have enough outfits that can fit you, it makes you stay stylish and chic.

Find a Balance Between Your Top and Bottom

You need to learn how to strike the right balance in your outfits. To achieve this, you should plan your outfit combinations. Decide where the top and bottom can complement each other. Take out time to combine your top and bottom outfits.

Discover the Styles that Work for Your Shape

That you have enough outfits does not mean they are exceptional. You should go for strategic shopping whenever you want to buy outfits. Consider your body shape first before you pick an outfit. If you have no idea of the type of outfit that can suit your body, look at some of your flattering outfits for ideas.

Do not Ignore the Fitting Room

Shopping for outfits should not be done in a hurry. If you are not ready to try out what you bought in the shop, do not go shopping. You should make sure that the clothes you bought would fit you. This would help you buy the right outfits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Your Patterns

Add life to your fashion sense by mixing patterns. If you have been sticking to a particular style of dressing, it is time to make some experiments. Try florals, stripes, gingham, checks, and more.

Balance Your Outfit Colours and Skin Tone

The colour of your skin tone is important when selecting outfits.  Go for outfits that would look chic on you.  Make use of colors that would bring out the beauty of your clothes and your skin evenly.  People with cool complexions can make use of blue, silver, grey, white, and black. Those with warm undertones can make use of red, olive, gold, yellow, and shades of brown.

Show Just the Right Amount of Skin

If you want to create a beautiful evening ensemble, you should show the right amount of skin.  If your leg is your best feature, go for a long sleeve, high-neck mini dress. If your nails are beautiful, show off one part of your body. Remember too much skin could spoil your style.

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